The easy new world of blogging ... NOT.

Every once in awhile, when I know the answer to a computer-related question, or very rarely, when I know something about technology that my husband does not, he eyes me suspiciously and says, "Who are you?"  When I decided to start a blog, I had no idea what I was in for.  Even with Michael (my computer-guru husband) by my side for several hours-long sessions, we could not figure out how to navigate the damn web-host site.  (Amazing that I even know what a web-host is now.)  I finally hired a web designer for a few expensive but helpful video chats; they were helpful in that they prevented me from actually pulling out my hair, which was a real threat.   Even so, my learning curve for technology is about the circumference of the moon and the speed of a slug.  If I knew at the beginning of this process how difficult it would be, I may not have done it.  

And therein lies the lesson.  I'm doing it - this blogging thing.  As you follow me, you'll learn that I have absolute conviction in the rightness of this adventure for me even as I stumble with HOW to do it.  My apologies in advance for the many bumps and glitches and outright mistakes that you'll encounter here.  I hope the journey will be worthwhile for you.  I know it will be for me.